How to Join ADMEI

Destination Management Companies (DMCs) must meet key requirements to qualify for membership in ADMEI.  Meeting these requirements assure potential clients ADMEI member companies have demonstrated a basic level knowledge and experience.

Definition of a DMC

A Destination Management Company is a professional services company located in their destination which specializes in local expertise and resources. The DMC is your strategic partner to provide creative local experiences in event management, tours/activities, transportation, entertainment and program logistics.

Additional requirements are:

  • Company must provide Tours/Activities and Transportation and two of the following: Event Management, Entertainment, and Program Logistics

  • Membership in either CVB/DMO, Tourism Office or Chamber of Commerce - if none of the applicable organizations have memberships, then to which CIC member association the voting representative or company belongs

  • Company must carry a minimum of $1M or equivalent in general liability insurance

DMCs also need to provide the following information to complete their application:

  • Demographic information (name, address)
  • Company legal structure
  • Skype address if you have one
  • Who recommended you to join ADMEI (not required)
  • Business start date
  • Membership in either CVB/DMO, Tourism Office or Chamber of Commerce - if none of the applicable organizations have memberships, then to which CIC member association the voting representative or company belongs
  • Business licenses as required by local/state/province/country

Documentation required:

  • Liability insurance - the actual Certificate of Insurance 
  • 4 letters of recommendation - all dated within past 12 months:
             - Two letters from clients
             - Two letters from supplier partners with which the DMC has worked

The following two documents will only be reviewed by ADMEI staff.  They will not be viewed by any other DMC:
         - RFP from past six months for a program for which the DMC was chosen
         - Proposal responding to the RFP

ADMEI Membership Application

As the pre-eminent organization for Destination Management Companies (DMCs), our mission is to:

  • Define the DMC industry
  • Uphold the highest level of professionalism
  • Establish standard business and ethical practices, and
  • Promote the value of local destination management through member and industry education.

In support of this Mission, ADMEI has the following membership categories:

Company Member/Voting Representative

Organizations must meet requirements to be members of the association. 

Company will designate one voting representative. A Company Membership includes a total of 5 individual representatives, one of which is appointed as the voting representative for that company. Membership is location specific; offices included in one company membership shall be limited to 100 mile radius of the primary location. Additional representatives shall be from the location that has the membership.



A Provisional Membership shall be available to those destination management companies that do not meet the minimum of three years in business for Company member. 

All other membership criteria must be met. Once the company has been in business for three years, it will receive full benefits of membership. 

Supplier Partner

Membership shall be available to designated representative of companies engaged in providing products and services related to the conduct and operation of Destination Management Companies and the meetings, events, and services they implement. There is no limit to the number of Supplier Partner companies permitted to join ADME.


Individuals employed as faculty in graduate or undergraduate academic programs in Destination Management and having met one of the following requirements; currently teaching at least two classes per semester; or currently teaching at least one class per quarter; or at least four classes in the past academic year.


Individuals enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate academic program directly related to Destination Management for at least six quarter or semester hours. Verification of enrollment is required.