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Within many professions and industries, certification is the outward sign of achieving a knowledge level demonstrating a commitment to excellence in the chosen field. Certification is the outgrowth of recognition by the members of an affinity group that a higher quality of service or product can be attained if there is identification of a core body of knowledge, and testing on that knowledge, to assure the best possible communication between certificate-holder and client.

The members of the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) have determined it is incumbent on those who are truly committed to higher standards of excellence to become certified. As the pre-eminent organization for Destination Management Executives, the mission is to increase the professionalism and effectiveness of destination management through member and industry education, establishment of standard ethical practices and raise the level of awareness of the value of destination management to the respective associations, corporations and general public.

Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP®), is designed to create impetus for organizational self-improvement and to stimulate a general raising of standards.

The purpose of the DMCP® program is to increase the professionalism within the destination management industry by establishing a level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification; identifying the body of knowledge required; stimulating the art and science of destination management, increasing the value of practitioners to their employers; recognizing and raising industry standards and practices and thereby, ethics; and maximizing the value of the products and services that certified destination management professionals can provide.

For a destination management company to earn the Accredited Destination Management Program® (ADMC®) designation, it must have at least one DMCP® on staff in each office covered by the designation.


As a result of preparing for our recent DMCP tests, we here at Rocky Mountain Connections have found an interesting outcome. As we worked through the materials and tutorials, we were challenged to think about our company’s own best practices. My colleagues and I frequently engaged in conversations this summer about risk management issues and improved efficiencies.
As busy as we all are addressing client needs and staying abreast of the most current themes and trends day-to-day, it is easy to fall into a routine with our own systems and procedures. Not only did the preparation for our tests serve us professionally, as individuals, but it facilitated some great discussions about our firm’s current and future practices.

MICHELLE CUNNINGHAM, Vice President of Operations


Preparing for the DMCP® Exam

Prior to the DMCP exam, a series of study session webinars are given that focus on key components of the body of knowledge on which the exam is based. The day prior to the exam, a study session is held which includes a practice exam. Participation in either the webinar or the face-to-face study session is not limited to DMCP candidates, but is open to anyone who is interested. Click here for more information about the current study sessions.

Want More Information?

You no longer need to enroll prior to submitting an application form. Please download the application form and the instructions (these are combined in an Acrobat portfolio for your convenience). Please note, the application form is in Acrobat form version. You may complete and either save if you have full Acrobat, or print and scan for submission. The application instructions must also been consulted, as they will provide you with the information you need to correctly complete your application.

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